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Not sure what Assistive Technology is?

  Please review this document: AT Overview—School Environment

How does the school determine if AT is needed?

  Please review this document: The Team Approach to AT

Who is available in Levy County Schools to assist the student’s IEP team?

  Each school has an assigned LATS (Local Assistive Technology Specialist)

  • the school based Speech/Language Pathologist
  • the school based Occupational Therapist

  The Regional Assistive Technology Specialist (Teresa Pinder)

What resources are available locally?

  Located at the ESE and Student Services office is the Region 2 Satellite Lab:

  • low and mid tech devices /systems for student trial
  • adapted books and curriculum for check out
  • production lab for specific teacher made/created classroom materials (by appt.)
  • demonstration software for student trail (by appt.)

Other resources available state wide:

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